Friday, January 29, 2010

The Traveling Woman Shawl Goes Traveling

Well, I thought I'd update you on the progress of my Traveling Woman Shawl, or maybe I should say "lack" of much progress. After much struggle counting on the rows that begin the lace portion of the pattern, I think I can now move forward. In this photo I only have one lace row completed (159 stitches), but have worked the 2nd row and it came out right!!! Small successes make me happy.

Tomorrow we're traveling to central Washington to g-kids Swim Meet so maybe I can work on "the" shawl in the car - probably not at the Meet. At the meet, I can be making some more of those cup cozies - no concentration required! I'll be missing our local knitting meet-up tomorrow which is a bummer. I always look forward to these every other Saturday.

PS: I just read Yarn Harlot's blog as she talks about problems with knitting a sock, wherein you're supposed to READ the pattern. I know that's what all my problems are with this shawl - just READ it!!!! now onto READing the pattern as I do a few more rows.

Monday, January 25, 2010

I'm Buried with WIP's

I don't suppose any of you out there are feeling stressed over all the WIP's, right? I'm working on my Traveling Woman Shawl and after knitting into the lace pattern part of the shawl I had problems and have tinked back to the beginning of the lace chart. Maybe I'll pick it up tomorrow and continue on - hubby will be out playing golf and all will be quiet around here.

I did finish this cute, little fun project today, and am thinking of making more for gifting. You can even hang two or three beads on the ribbon (i.e. maybe even a set of stitch markers).

I should be working on a scarf for the Red Scarf Project. We are to be making a "scarf a month". Haven't even started one yet for January, but I guess the month's not over yet. I may just do another One Row Scarf - they're so easy

Monday, January 18, 2010


I thought things were going along pretty good on my Lace KAL over at Mama's Yarnies, but things just started falling apart! I was correcting one mistake and looked back down to nearly the beginning of my Traveling Woman Shawl and saw other mistakes, sooooo... I'm now tinking and don't know if I'll have to completely start over or not.

Since the knitting of it became easier as I went along and I knew what I was doing, I think it best to nearly start over. I have until the end of February to finish this, and since it's a small shawl/scarf I shouldn't have any problem getting done. But, it is frustrating.

In case you're wondering, the lace is knit following these rows of stockinette and yarnovers.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


In the last couple of blogs, I have mentioned the words "Ready-Set-Go" and "Ready-To-Go" neither of which was quite true. However, I really mean I am ready now. Today, I got in the mail, my belated Christmas present from hubby - a swift and ballwinder. I wound up the five balls related to the 3 KAL's coming up.

I can't believe how excited I got winding yarn - another "small things to amuse small minds" moment! The peachy color on the lower left is for the Marmee Lace Cowl, upper left shades of lavender for the Traveling Woman Shawl, and the three colors on the right are for the FairIsle Cowl I am going to try during the Olympics.

Now that the excitement of "swifting and balling" has worn off, nothing much going on around here this evening.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Okay - Ready to Go

I seem to have gotten myself involved in several KAL's for 2010.

1. Red Scarf Project KAL for the Orphan Foundation of America. For this one we are to knit a scarf per month during 2010.

2. Jan/Feb '10 NHKM Lace KAL for which I'm knitting the Traveling Woman Shawl during the period Jan 15 to Feb 28, 2010. This is the NHKM Franconia yarn in Auntie colorway that I'm using.

3. Team Sasquatch Ravelympics where I'll be participating in Colorwork Curling doing this Christmas in the Country cowl between the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the Olympics (Feb. 12-28-2010). This will be my first attempt at colorwork.

Me thinks I should have my head examined for all this pressure (a lot for me anyway), but I'm actually looking forward to it.

Had a good knitting meetup today at Forza Coffee, even though I got there about 2 hours late. We have such a good group and everyone is so willing to help one another with a different bind-off, new stitch pattern or whatever. I met Liberty of Liberty's Yarn and loved the beautiful socks she was making.