Tuesday, January 5, 2010


In the last couple of blogs, I have mentioned the words "Ready-Set-Go" and "Ready-To-Go" neither of which was quite true. However, I really mean I am ready now. Today, I got in the mail, my belated Christmas present from hubby - a swift and ballwinder. I wound up the five balls related to the 3 KAL's coming up.

I can't believe how excited I got winding yarn - another "small things to amuse small minds" moment! The peachy color on the lower left is for the Marmee Lace Cowl, upper left shades of lavender for the Traveling Woman Shawl, and the three colors on the right are for the FairIsle Cowl I am going to try during the Olympics.

Now that the excitement of "swifting and balling" has worn off, nothing much going on around here this evening.

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