Tuesday, July 15, 2014


 A mixture of weather and knitting in this posting.   

 First of all, we've had some pretty severe weather going on during this monsoon season which has been going on for nearly a month now and another month or so to go!  I mean heavy rainfall, flash flooding, dust storms, and lots of thunder and lightening.   These pictures I took out the car window yesterday on the way home from Phoenix.  Our temperatures have dropped down to the low 100's, which is nice.

As for knitting,  I can't get off this knitting dishcloth kick.  It's been fun making these "pointed" dish/washcloth or hotpads, whichever you want to call them. 

I started this baby blanket (Sea of Dreams) back in May of 2013.  I love the yarn - Madtosh sock, love the color, love the "finished" look of the pattern, but it's given me more than my fair share of "fits".  Main problem being I can't seem to count correctly.    Now I have a purpose to get it finished - I'll be having a new grandbaby next spring, so gotta get on it!  So here it is and I'm off to work on it for a little while today.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Well, I have managed to finish a couple of projects this week:

First and foremost, the Happy Dance Socks, which make me happy they're done!!  These have been fun to knit - the colors keep me "happy", but am glad that 2nd one is done. I'll probably gift these at Christmas to someone who lives up North where they have cold winters. 

A friend in my knitting group posted a pattern for The Almost Lost Dishcloth or search for it on Ravelry if you're a member.  It looked like a fun knit, so I knit up the first one, but my choice of yarn wasn't too great.   The "striped" yarn didn't turn out too well on the points, so I'm working on the second one, in a "firey" variegated color which is turning out so much better.  These are fun knits and will make nice "thank you" gifts:

We've had some extreme weather ever since the 4th of July - it's our monsoon season, so should be expected.  However, last summer's monsoon season was nothing like what we're having.   After having our humidity hovering in the single digits up to 15% or so for so long, it's difficult to navigate in these 100+ degree temperatures with the humidity in the 40-50% area.   We're having clouds, thunderstorms, lightning and quick shots of heavy rain every afternoon/evening.  I'll be glad when we get back to just plain "hot" without the humidity!!  Last evening we got one rainfall that lasted maybe 10 minutes and another that lasted maybe 5 minutes, but the thunder rumbled heavily for hours around midnight.

Happy knitting, or whatever your craft may be!


Friday, July 4, 2014


Wow!  What a storm we had last night.   We've not had any rain in this part of Arizona since January, but we got more than our fair share last night around 7pm.   We had what they call a "haboob" by locals around here - which is a severe dust storm first caused by high winds blowing hard towards the ground and raising the dust.  During this wind, the temperature takes a severe drop - in this case from 100 degrees down to 80 degrees in a very short period of time.  After the 3,000 ft. wall of dust moves on through (during which you can't see your hand in front of your face), it is followed by heavy rains - somewhere in the area of 1 and 1-1/2 inches last night.  Then it's all over in an hour and things are back to normal!!!!  
I left the house around 6:30 and could see the dust coming, so hurried to my knitting meetup group and we all sat around looking outside as the storm passed us by.  We "had" to stay another hour or so longer before we dared go out in the storm - darn! 
Here's a picture as the storm is just entering downtown Phoenix:

This picture is of the Phoenix airport, which closed down for a while during the storm.

 Today things are pretty much back to normal, thank goodness.

Sunday, June 29, 2014


I can't seem to keep my mind on doing "constructive things", like laundry that I'm behind on, catch up on my bookkeeping, or knitting anything very complicated, so decided it was time to write a new blog.

I think part of what's causing this crazy feeling is that our daughter, husband and 2 kids are in the air right now, flying back to the U.S. after living in Doha, Qatar for a while and I'm both anxious and excited.  Anxious because of all the turmoil happening in the Middle East, and excited to see them and hug those grandchildren!!   They are now going to be living in Las Vegas and we hope they stay there for a while - of course, this depends on son-in-law's company.  At least they'll be reasonably close to us now and we'll get to see them more often.  It's about a 6 hr drive from our place.

I've been trying to work on my Sea of Dreams baby blanket (a new great-grandbaby coming next spring, and on my 2nd Happy Dance Sock.  I'm having trouble really getting into either one of them right now and can't "count" correctly!!

SO......instead, I started these yesterday at our knitting meetup and so far am enjoying the "simpleness".  I'll finish the 2nd one and knit the green one today, then maybe my mind will go back to work on the complicated projects I have to work on.  Right?  Right!   

So long for now, and happy knitting to you!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Seems like my world has been on a merry go-round of late!  Not much knitting, but lots of company.  Our daughter, husband and 2 g-daughters were here for 5 days.  They flew back to Washington yesterday, so today is rather quiet with lots of laundry to do.
The first couple of days they were here we took a trip to a local nursery/bird refuge which the girls loved.  Lots of macaws, parakeets, parrots, etc.  The g-daughters got in a lot of hours swimming in our community pool.  They've gone home with some red/pink places on their bodies - in spit of lots of sunscreen.
On Sunday we drove to OUT OF AFRICA north of Phoenix.  What a lot of fun seeing so many wild animals who have been rescued.  We got to see the feeding trucks going around and watch the animals (especially the big cats) tear into their food.  After leaving there, we drove on up to Flagstaff where we spent the night.  The next morning we drove on up to the Grand Canyon and hiked along a few trails enjoying the amazing vistas of the Canyon.  The temperature was cool (in the low 80's), unlike the 107 degrees in Maricopa.

So since this is a "knitting" blog, all I can report on is what I have "not" done.  Still working on the 2nd sock of my Happy Dance socks, but am being tempted to start the "Couplet" sock pattern, as there will be KAL starting July 1st.  We'll see how disciplined I am.
Keep knitting everyone - till next time!

Friday, June 13, 2014


I received these beautiful skeins of Louet Gems Sport yarn in the Linen Grey colorway today from Paradise Fibers.

Even though I have umpteen projects OTN (on the needle), I can hardly wait to start the Warble Cowl by Bonnie Sennett - http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/warble.  I think I'm in need of an intervention!    How many of you have "startitis"?   Stay turned to see how long I hold off starting this.     

Have a nice weekend.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

I've been working like crazy on the 2nd sock of this pair of my Happy Dance socks.  They should be finished in the next day or so. 

I'm very anxious to get started knitting my first pair of toe-up socks after receiving this book, which today I took to Office Max and had a spiral binder on it so the pages lay flat.  I've looked through all the patterns and also the instructions on casting on the toe.  Oh so simple, compared to the kitchener stitch on top-down socks.

I got this fun package in the mail when I got home today.  It's 6 spools of Chinese Knotting Cord for making Friendship bracelets.  I have 2 granddaughters coming to visit in a couple of weeks and think this might be something they'd like to do.  They are both on the "crafty" side and think they'd have fun making and taking these home.
 Have fun with your knitting and keep cool 'til next time.