Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Aaaah Such is Youth

This last Wednesday my DH and I were hosts for the weekly Youth Group at our church. We provided the eats (pizza and apples), followed by a talk from the Pastor. Then they made greeting cards celebrating God's creation. I had printed off small (2x3) photos of lakes, mountains, flowers, veggies, trees and all things nature for them to mat and past on cardstock. Their enthusiasm was so wonderful.

We spent Friday through Sunday in the Tri-Cities visiting daughter, hubby and 2 grandchildren. I went to gdau birthday party where there was rockclimbing (for the girls!); went to a place where they had a petting zoo, corn maze, rides, and then the long drive home. We stopped at The Snoqualmie Casino on the way for dinner and a short time of playing the slots - won enough to cover dinner!

Monday, October 12, 2009


Today I was sitting in the waiting area of Group Health-Tacoma, WA knitting while I waited for DH to have a procedure done, when I looked out the tall windows to see these lovely trees with their leaves turning. If you look far in the distance you can see Puget Sound. Our temperature has been below freezing of late, and this has caused the leaves to fast-forward to color then drop on the ground.
Another good sign of Fall is I'm knitting dish/face cloths and towels galore for two upcoming Bazaars. One is at our church this weekend, and the other the first weekend in November at our community clubhouse. Bazaars/craft sales are always a lot of fun to attend and see how everyone else makes things and get ideas for yourself. Here are some of the cloths I've made this past week - only takes 2 hours to make one.

Sunday, October 4, 2009


Those of you who check into my blog are probably wondering if I fell off the face of the Earth. Actually, I haven't had anything to really blog about - mind has gone dead.

I did finish a WIP today - this Neck Cozy knitted out of Muench Touch Me in a beautiful burgundy purchased at a local LYS. All I had to do was sew on the buttons, but it has sat in my basket for 5 months. Unreal. Don't know what my problem was - could have been that it wasn't something I would be wearing during the summer anyway. Now that it has started to cool off considerably, I may be wearing it within the next month or so.

I'm still working on these projects: Rusted Root Sweater in a beautiful purple color

Both the Taize and Mantra scarves:

and have completed another spa set - 2 towels and 2 face cloths in a sage green and cream combo. This is my 3rd set - one in a teal and cream, and another in a cornflower blue and white.

The flowers in our yard are in their final stages of life, but I do have one beautiful "dinnerplate" dahlia - measures 10" across.

With Craft Club in my community tomorrow and a meet-up this coming Saturday, there is plenty of incentive to "get to work" on the above projects!