Tuesday, June 23, 2015


We (hubby and I) have just returned home from a wonderful 10-day trip to Washington State visiting family.

We spent time in western Washington visiting with our daughter and her family.   We attended our granddaughter's high school graduation, which was very nice.  They had a grad party for her the next day and got to see a lot of her friends and famiiy friends we had not seen in a while.  The younger granddaughter just gratuated from the 6th grade.

We rented a car and drove to Spokane (on the east side of Washington state) and visited with 4 more granddaughters, their mom, and two great-grandsons.  The youngest is just 5 months old and his brother just turned 3.   Such a lot of fun to be around the boys, but wow,  what a lot of energy that 3 yr-old has - hard to keep up!  But it was fun being around them.

We drove back to Seattle and flew home out of Sea-Tac.   Hard to believe how air travel is so much different these days.  "Back in the day" I was an airline "stewardess" and their was time to visit with the passengers, lots of elbow room, pass out food, etc..  Now eveyrone is all crammed in with very little leg or elbow room.

Due to said "lack of room"  I didn't do any knitting during the 3-hour flight.  Hard to get your arms in a position to do so.   In fact, I didn't get out my knitting the entire 10 days we were gone.   We were just way too busy.

It is nice to be home - the laundry is all done - had my long day of rest yesterday, and am now "back in the normal rut".

We are in quite a long heat spell.   We've had over 110 degree temperatures for well over a week now, and no end in sight.  These are really high temperatures for this early in the summer - hate to think of what it'll be like later this summer.

Are you planning a trip this Summer?  Write and let me know!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015


Good day to be doing things I want to do, instead of things I have to do.   However, the laundry is going, and phone calls being made for appointments, and a stack of receipts sitting here staring at me to be posted into Quicken!

 I'm certainly a procrastinator - but life is to enjoy, right?  Because this is really what I'm doing as we speak.