Wednesday, May 20, 2015


After two doctor appointments in Chandler mid-day today (one for leg veins and one for eye exam), I was anxious to get home and now I know why.

Does this explain my happiness????

This lovely yarn is from Expression Fiber Arts.  They dye some beautiful colors, don't they.  Now I get to decide what to knit with them....such a problem!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015


I cast on my Ananke shawl and so far all is well.  Loving the color (Blackberry Cheesecake)  and the softness of the Superwash Merino from Expression Fiber Arts yarn.

It's been quite a long while since I've knit a shawl and forgot how long it takes to see any progress.   Pretty soon these rows will be sooooo long it'll take me forever to get anywhere.   The finished product will be mine - to wear in the highly air-conditioned lobby of the local Entertainment Center where our knit/crochet group meets.   I'm tired of goosebumps on my arms and always forget a jacket or sweater.  Maybe I'll remember this shawl - hope.

Thursday, May 7, 2015


I just received today, a skein of yummy Expression Fiber Arts fingering weight yarn.  The color is Blackberry Cheesecake - very fitting name!  Right?
I'm searching for a pattern to justify this coloring, and think I have settled on this scarf - Ananke by Shannon Squire (this is her photo).   Can't wait to cast on this beauty. 

Secondly, I finished this page in my coloring book this morning.  I have mixed emotions about how I chose the colors, and can see where I'm going to need to buy a set of more colors than just the 20 I have.   I need to be able to "shade" the colors more.
 Tomorrow morning I'm having my fifth Laser surgery on some leg veins, so will not be very active the next few days and a great time to "color"!!!

Friday, May 1, 2015


I finished my first colorbook page this morning and really do love how it came out.  Don't look too closely as you'll see a couple of places I goofed up and also a place or two where I went outside the lines, for heavens sake.
 Now on to bigger and more colorful pictures..