Friday, January 29, 2010

The Traveling Woman Shawl Goes Traveling

Well, I thought I'd update you on the progress of my Traveling Woman Shawl, or maybe I should say "lack" of much progress. After much struggle counting on the rows that begin the lace portion of the pattern, I think I can now move forward. In this photo I only have one lace row completed (159 stitches), but have worked the 2nd row and it came out right!!! Small successes make me happy.

Tomorrow we're traveling to central Washington to g-kids Swim Meet so maybe I can work on "the" shawl in the car - probably not at the Meet. At the meet, I can be making some more of those cup cozies - no concentration required! I'll be missing our local knitting meet-up tomorrow which is a bummer. I always look forward to these every other Saturday.

PS: I just read Yarn Harlot's blog as she talks about problems with knitting a sock, wherein you're supposed to READ the pattern. I know that's what all my problems are with this shawl - just READ it!!!! now onto READing the pattern as I do a few more rows.

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