Saturday, August 30, 2014


Not a lot going on around here.  We've got a few hot days ahead of us now before it goes back to high humidity and a little rain.   We were supposed to get to 112 today (don't know if it did or not), but low humidity makes it not so bad.   Our monsoon season will continue (typically) through to the end of September and I'm so tired of it.

Earlier this week, we took a quick trip down to San Luis, Mexico to see hubby's dentist.  It's about a 3 hr drive from our home and we go through some beautiful desert areas.   We spent a night in Yuma, AZ. 

Knitting wise - I finished the Creamsicle washcloth/dishcloth or hot pad.  I love the bright colors and the design of this one.   It reminds me of my childhood when we had creamsicles (made with orange sherbet and vanilla ice cream).  However, I've knitted 3 of this design and I think that is enough.

The baby sweater is still "in progress".  Just have to sew up the sleeve seam, insert it into the sweater, and sew on one more button.  Don't know why I can't seem to get that little bit done.

Starting September 1st, I'm participating in a NECKWEAR KAL  (Neckwear knit-a-long) which ends on September 30th.  I'll be knitting a "bluet cowl" designed by Bonnie Sennott.  I'll be using this yummy yarn:  Louet Gems a sportweight yarn in grape color:

Knit on, everyone.  Hope I show some "finishing up" projects next time, as well as the cowl I'll be working on.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Here in Arizona, we are in our annual monsoon season, which means we should be getting rain.  This season typically lasts from July 15 to September 15, but this year is the first time since we've lived here, that we've really "felt" the season.   Our high temperatures are normally in the 100+ degrees with 10-20% humidity, but when a storm is coming through it cools down into the 90's and the humidity rises to 50-60%.    So far this year, we've only had a couple of times it's rained - sometimes the raindrops just mostly dry up before hitting the ground.  But around 4am - we had thunder loud enough over our head to rattle stuff inside the house (including me and the hubs), and then a heavy downpour for a short period of time.   Later on this morning, we drove up to the Chandler and Gilbert, AZ for doctor appointment and shopping and saw a lot of unusual cloud formations, as well as the desert looked like a lake in places.

This picture was taken around 4pm this afternoon on our way home, and by the looks of the other thunderclouds we saw around, we'll probably be in for another storm tonight.  We can really use some rain to help out the plants around the yard.

Since this is a "knitting blog", I can show you what I'm finishing up (out of the WIP pile), is knitting a 2nd sleeve for this adorable baby sweater, and then sew on the cute duckie buttons.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Wanted to keep everyone up-to-date on how my knitting progress is going along.

Last night I finished the Miami Beach Shawl and am really pleased how it turned out.   It'll be perfect to wear here in Arizona where the outdoor temperatures are 100+ and indoor temperatures are about 30 degrees cooler, making it very uncomfortable eating dinner, or knitting at our meet-up, etc.


Now, I am working to finish up to easy projects.  One this baby sweater that just needs another sleeve and sewing on of the buttons down the front.
The other is the Creamsicle dish/washcloth.  Then after these two items maybe I can sneak in another new project, or may go again to the WIP's (Work-in-Progress) pile.   It does feel good to finish something once in a while!
Hope you are getting some knitting or crocheting done and that you don't have so many unfinished projects as I do!!  Until next time.............

Thursday, August 7, 2014


Yes, I'm plugging along on this Miami Beach Shawl.  Loving the color, the yarn and the knitting of it, but it sure takes a lot of short rows in garter stitch to finish this off.  Hopefully I have enough yarn left or if not, I'll be hitting up my LYS store when I go there next week.
This is the pattern:  Miami Beach Shawl (since I'm a west-coaster I just named it Ocean Beach Shawl.  The yarn is Cascade 220 Ultra Pima cotton in Purple Ice (although it looks gray in the picture).

Hopefully next time I talk to you I will be finished with this and onto something else!

Sunday, August 3, 2014


I've been working on this Ocean Beach Shawl now for quite some time, but lately it's been flying off the needles!   Finally getting the hang of the lace section counting - but just in time to only be 3 rows from finishing that part and moving on to the garter stitch short rows to complete the rest of the shawl.  Here's a picture of how it's coming along.  It really is a beautiful color - Purple Ice, but it sure shows as grey in the photos.  Think of it is a very light lilac color.  I'm using Cascade Ultra Pima cotton which shows a lot of stitch definition and has a nice "sheen" to it.   This should be great to throw around the shoulders when going inside an air conditioned restaurant from the outside 100-115 temperatures we're having here in Arizona.  

Maybe (or maybe not) you might like to see how I have my yarn/projects, etc. organized (and some unorganized) in my Office/Craft Room.

I recently finished getting all my yarn organized in colored cloth tubs (like you can find at Target and other places), and have the yarn sorted by weight in each one.   Then on Ravelry on my stash page I just show the yarn as being located in the red tub, e.g. and I don't have to hunt everywhere.

Then I have these large purple tubs which have my WIPs - each in a project bag and hopefully can get over this "startitis" and start working on them. 

Then I have this "secretary table" (below) across under my window here in the office.  It has smaller plastic drawers, mostly filled with dishcloth cotton. 

Inside these tall cabinets (below) are the stashes for my beading and card-making hobby.  I know, it's not like I don't have enough different kinds of stash. 

These cabinets (below) have completed items yet to be gifted or donated, together with knitting needles, notions, etc. and some partial yarn balls. 

Then lastly, is my desk, which is covered with my current project(s), and a little bit of paperwork here and there. 

So now you know all about my workspaces!!