Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Someone told us to be "prepared for a lot of visitors" when we moved to Arizona last year, and boy were they right.
Early last week we greeted old friends from Graham, Washington who were traveling in the area in their RV - so good to see them.
On Saturday, we drove to Casa Grande for corned beef and ham dinner with classmates of my hubby, who are snow-birding and live the rest of the year in the Boise, Idaho area.
Sunday, good friends/neighbors from when we lived in Sequim, Washington stopped by for a great afternoon of catching up on old times.
Monday, more good friends came from Graham, Washington and spent a couple of days with us before going to Apache Junction, AZ to open up their park model.   We'll be seeing more of them as they spend a few weeks down here.   Keith and his friend went for a swim one afternoon (our temps were in the high 80's - so just right.
They took these pictures of the swimming area in our "adult living complex".

My hubby is down to only 3 more radiation treatments (had a total of 45 - every week day and travel 60 miles round trip). He'ss doing pretty good.  We sure are looking forward to the end of all this, and the neighborhood is planning a "celebration" party for him next week.

And....since this is a knitting blog, this is what I have been working on - it seems I've not made a lot of progress on my scarf/cowl, but it's an enjoyable knit.
Also casting on for this cowl, which I'm really looking forward to working on.  It's being knitted with the new Anne Hanson Bare Naked Wool in the Burnt Toast color.
Knit on!