Sunday, December 30, 2012

IT'S OUR 50TH ! ! !

Today is our 50th wedding anniversary!  Hard to believe we ever made it this far, as it only seems like yesterday.

We got married in Boise, Idaho on December 30, 1962 and have moved about a few times from Boise to Casper, Wyoming - to Spokane, Washington - to Sequim, Washington - to Graham, Washington and just this past Fall to Maricopa, Arizona.

We both retired in 1999 and I think it's after that when you find out how much love and respect you have for each other.  After your kids are grown and gone, your work career is over, and you just have each other around (all the time!) you really learn to appreciate each other.   I think I'm really blessed to have such a great hubby - and he says maybe we can make it another 20 years.   We'll see if our health holds out that long.

He brought me these dozen roses:
We drove north to Fort McDowell - lovely day for a drive, paid our dues at the casino, had a wonderful dinner.  I had liver and onions, which I usually only have once or twice a year, as hubby can't stand the smell of me cooking it at home!

I've been working on these fingerless mitts yesterday and today:

They are Malabrigo Hand Thingies and I'm loving the "slip stitch" design just starting to show up in the upper part of this photo.  I'd like to finish them tomorrow.  They seem like they might be too small for my hands, so may be gifted to one of my granddaughters, and I'll try them again on larger needles.

Happy New Year to my friends and family!!

Saturday, December 22, 2012


Thought I'd post here just this one last time until 2013 rolls around.  Hopefully, I'll be getting in some knitting time in between other "goings on" around here.

It's been hard to realize it's the Christmas season with the temperatures outside being in the 70's today.  Of course no snow, no rain, no cold - just doesn't seem quite right. 

We've discovered we live on a street with a lot of great neighbors who get together to "eat" at least once a month.   Had Thanksgiving at one neighbors with around 30 people there (all orphans from their families), then had a "leftovers" party the next week to eat up what didn't get eaten that day!   Today, there was a brunch for the people on the block who had birthdays in December.  Great spread with about 18 people - all who have welcomed us warmly!  Good feelings.

Unfortunately, our children will not be joining us for Christmas, but we understand.    We will be having a Butterball turkey breast with all the trimmings for just the two of us.    

Also this month (the 30th) is our 50th wedding anniversary and we'll be going out to dinner somewhere special.

New Years we'll be spending at home - I'm sure K will not be far from the TV and the football games!

Today he's watching the U of Washington play Boise State (his favorite) since he's from that area.  There is a "lunch" wager on with our friends who are rooting for UW.

Since my "handle" is knitterbeader, I should show a picture of my most recent knitted article.  This was a gift to a granddaughter (I don't think she reads this blog).   Pattern is Lazy River Scarf, knitted in Cascade 220 Sport.

Picture update:
1st picture is one of our 5 bougainvilleas in the back yard.  Aren't they beautiful and hard to believe this is the 2nd time they've bloomed since August. 
 This 2nd picture is of Keith enjoying one of the many lakes in our community.  This is about 1/2 a block from our house and is a very peaceful place to enjoy the sun and the waterfalls.
 This last one is a close-up of a lime on our tree which is about ready to pick.  The tree was just put in a few weeks ago (7 ft. tall), and has several limes on it and lots of blossoms.  Don't know how many of the blossoms will actually become fruit, but can't wait until I can get enough of them at a time to make a key lime pie!!

Anyway, so long for now and see you next year.  Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas, enjoy the season, and a Happy New Year!