Sunday, December 7, 2014


Christmas, she is a'coming.   We're kinda slow getting any decorations up.  Maybe some later today or tomorrow.  Hubby wanted to get a new tree - but so far we haven't found the "right" one.

We did go to a Christmas concert in our community clubhouse last night.  It's hard to believe how much talent we have here.  We live in a 55+ community and there are 30-40 singers in the group.  Considering we're all "older" it's amazing the quality of the singing.

The palm trees are all lit up on the driveway into the clubhouse area.  I took this just as we were going in the front door.

This picture below was a photo professionally taken last year, showing the main
front entrance to the clubhouse.

I'm frantically trying to finish up a couple of gifts knitting, so I can get to other needed things.  Such as Christmas cards(maybe).   Do you still send out cards?  I'm thinking about no longer sending them.   I either see my friends and family, telephone them or talk to them on Facebook.  Besides, I'm lazy and postage gets expensive.  A lot of our friends and family just e-mail us a card or letter (which I don't have a problem with at all).  Let me hear what you do.

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