Sunday, August 3, 2014


I've been working on this Ocean Beach Shawl now for quite some time, but lately it's been flying off the needles!   Finally getting the hang of the lace section counting - but just in time to only be 3 rows from finishing that part and moving on to the garter stitch short rows to complete the rest of the shawl.  Here's a picture of how it's coming along.  It really is a beautiful color - Purple Ice, but it sure shows as grey in the photos.  Think of it is a very light lilac color.  I'm using Cascade Ultra Pima cotton which shows a lot of stitch definition and has a nice "sheen" to it.   This should be great to throw around the shoulders when going inside an air conditioned restaurant from the outside 100-115 temperatures we're having here in Arizona.  

Maybe (or maybe not) you might like to see how I have my yarn/projects, etc. organized (and some unorganized) in my Office/Craft Room.

I recently finished getting all my yarn organized in colored cloth tubs (like you can find at Target and other places), and have the yarn sorted by weight in each one.   Then on Ravelry on my stash page I just show the yarn as being located in the red tub, e.g. and I don't have to hunt everywhere.

Then I have these large purple tubs which have my WIPs - each in a project bag and hopefully can get over this "startitis" and start working on them. 

Then I have this "secretary table" (below) across under my window here in the office.  It has smaller plastic drawers, mostly filled with dishcloth cotton. 

Inside these tall cabinets (below) are the stashes for my beading and card-making hobby.  I know, it's not like I don't have enough different kinds of stash. 

These cabinets (below) have completed items yet to be gifted or donated, together with knitting needles, notions, etc. and some partial yarn balls. 

Then lastly, is my desk, which is covered with my current project(s), and a little bit of paperwork here and there. 

So now you know all about my workspaces!!

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