Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Here in Arizona, we are in our annual monsoon season, which means we should be getting rain.  This season typically lasts from July 15 to September 15, but this year is the first time since we've lived here, that we've really "felt" the season.   Our high temperatures are normally in the 100+ degrees with 10-20% humidity, but when a storm is coming through it cools down into the 90's and the humidity rises to 50-60%.    So far this year, we've only had a couple of times it's rained - sometimes the raindrops just mostly dry up before hitting the ground.  But around 4am - we had thunder loud enough over our head to rattle stuff inside the house (including me and the hubs), and then a heavy downpour for a short period of time.   Later on this morning, we drove up to the Chandler and Gilbert, AZ for doctor appointment and shopping and saw a lot of unusual cloud formations, as well as the desert looked like a lake in places.

This picture was taken around 4pm this afternoon on our way home, and by the looks of the other thunderclouds we saw around, we'll probably be in for another storm tonight.  We can really use some rain to help out the plants around the yard.

Since this is a "knitting blog", I can show you what I'm finishing up (out of the WIP pile), is knitting a 2nd sleeve for this adorable baby sweater, and then sew on the cute duckie buttons.

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