Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Wanted to keep everyone up-to-date on how my knitting progress is going along.

Last night I finished the Miami Beach Shawl and am really pleased how it turned out.   It'll be perfect to wear here in Arizona where the outdoor temperatures are 100+ and indoor temperatures are about 30 degrees cooler, making it very uncomfortable eating dinner, or knitting at our meet-up, etc.


Now, I am working to finish up to easy projects.  One this baby sweater that just needs another sleeve and sewing on of the buttons down the front.
The other is the Creamsicle dish/washcloth.  Then after these two items maybe I can sneak in another new project, or may go again to the WIP's (Work-in-Progress) pile.   It does feel good to finish something once in a while!
Hope you are getting some knitting or crocheting done and that you don't have so many unfinished projects as I do!!  Until next time.............

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