Thursday, January 13, 2011

What Am I up to at the Moment???

I've been feverishly working my way through this Every Last Yard Cardigan, but in the past I've only made hats, scarves, fingerless mitts, etc. - all short-term projects. I still knit on a few other things at the same time when I get bored with the sweater. I'm working on the yoke with increases in each row - pretty soon I'll get to where I'll take off the sleeve stitches and work down the body.

I'm looking forward to this Saturday, when I will be among 209 knitters from the Seattle/Tacoma area who are traveling by Amtrak to Portland - "The Seattle-Portland Yarn Train". We will have close to 3 hours knitting time while on the train. We'll spend the day in Portland visiting yarn stores (who are expecting us and offering coupons), and having lunch at some fun place. We'll be coming back home that same night, tired from all that walking, but refreshed from all that walking in the rain, probably, and inspired by lots of lovely yarn. My next post will include pictures!

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