Sunday, January 16, 2011

Seattle to Portland Yarn Train 2011

The 2011 Seattle to Portland Yarn Train is in the history books now. A great time was had yesterday - with somewhere around 209 knitters from the western Washington area traveling to Portland on Amtrak for a fun day of knitting on the train (some slept - we did have to get up terribly early). We walked up and down the streets of Portland visiting yarn stores, who were expecting us and had discounts, lots of help and even snacks and beverages. It rained steady and heavy and the wind blew all day so lots of people had wet feet, clothes, and hair - but it was fun, including one in our group whose umbrella kept blowing inside out, spokes bent, and the shaft kept coming apart. She said her mother gave her the umbrella right before she left and that "she'd got a good deal" on the umbrella. Yeah, right! We rode the "Starlighter" train home, arriving in Tacoma at 9:30pm home after 10:00pm and fell into bed - tired, but happy!

Here's the tote bag for the occasion - filled with goodies,
and my only yarn purchase - Rowan Cashsoft in cream which should make a beautiful pair of fingerless mitts!

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