Saturday, July 3, 2010

Tour de Fleece/Team Sasquatch

I originally "signed on" to the Tour deFleece (July 3-21) in the Team Sasquatch group and was going to knit a couple scarves for the next Special Olympics in Washington State. Their requirement is that the yarn must be Red Heart in cherry red and in white. That yarn is so scratchy and hard on my hands, I gave up.

I already had been working on a One Row Lace Scarf and after tinking it back several times (while riding in the car home from Boise), and again today at knitting meet-up, I tinked all the way back and started over.'s going to be one of my TourDeFleece projects.

I also got some beautiful bamboo/wool blend yarn to make a second One Row Lace Scarf. For some reason, it's also green (called "Willow"), I guess I'm in a "green" mode. This yarn is so drapey and soft I can hardly wait to start knitting it. I'll try to get it done during the "Tour" also, but maybe not.

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