Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Results!

Back on December 30th I talked about and showed pictures of what I was doing to organize my Works-in-Progress (WIP's). I purchased a cabinet and can store multiple WIP's in each drawer. Well, I'll tell you now, this is working out wonderfully. I had occasion to look for a ball of Plum DK I received from a knitting friend, and not finding it in my stash, it was then very easy to go through the drawers and find I had already started a pair of fingerless mitts with it. Now in the olden days, I'd still be looking through the "piles" of plastic bags to find this project. feels so good to be organized!!

A blogger friend of mine, Alisa at Life is a Beautiful Place To Be is a source of beautiful vintage things. She made some beautiful project folders for her WIP's and decorated them with lace, ribbon and some of the most beautiful rosettes. I went to this Etsy shop and purchased a rosette "kit" with a tutorial on how to make them. The kit shown on this page is sold, but go into her shop and find others. I can hardly wait to receive this - don't know yet what I'll do with rosettes, but I'll figure out something.

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