Sunday, December 28, 2008

Yarn Cabinet

A knitting friend, Michelle, inspired me to do something about displaying my yarn so that I can see what I have. She bought a new beautiful yarn cabinet recently and hers is full. I, being a newbie, don't have nearly as much yarn, but it's nice to have it out where I can see it, instead of being in plastic drawers. I used one half of a 6 ft. bookcase for the yarn, as well as a shelf of mostly knitting books. The shelf is sitting right in front of me as I work on my computer, so I can look at it often, and get inspired. Thanks, Michelle.

We babysat the two granddaughters last night, ages 6 and 11, and what a joy they are. They're quite well-behaved and we have lots of fun playing games. We took them home to their parents this morning after church and had a wonderful prime rib dinner. This made up for the rather quiet Christmas we had since some of the family were sick.

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