Friday, April 3, 2015


I haven't posted in a while because life at our house has been rather hectic of late.   Lots of company - I think a lot of people come to visit us in Arizona to get warm.   We had ex-neighbors from Spokane visit a couple of times in March (they're on their way home now).  Our daughter and family from Las Vegas were here last week.  Our ex-neighbors from Graham, WA (who are snowbirds and live in Apache Junction during the winter) were here yesterday for a good ole game of Mexican Train and barbecue dinner.

One of the consequences of company and procrastination is that not much knitting has been done.  Our group has cancelled our meetups because of so many other events happening at the Entertainment Center where we meet.  

This is how my socks are looking - this is still the first sock and I'm ready now to start the heel:

Now I'll take you on a trip around our yard.  Lots of things blooming.
 These are two different-colored oleander bushes.
 Don't know the name of these flowered shrubs (below and above)
 This is a Palo Verde tree - Arizona's "state" tree.

Now I'm off to start the heel on my sock. 

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