Wednesday, September 3, 2014


I don't seem to have accomplished a whole lot this weekend.    I did get caught up on some bookkeeping chores and cleaned off my desk so that I could see the wood again (except for where it was covered up with my current knitting project!

But, the knitting project is not going so well.  I joined up with the Neckwear KAL with designs by Bonnie Sennett.  Cast-on date was September 1st, and lasts until September 30th.   First off, I had trouble getting all 190 cast-on stitches going the same direction so that I could join in the round.  After accomplishing this, I started the very first row, which is 5 sets of a 38-stitch repeat!   There are so many different stitches-techniques in these 38 stitches it's making my head hurt.    The very first set/repeat I ended up with 39 stitches and couldn't find my error, so had to rip back, and my join came undone.  So now I have to count the 190 all over again - get them lined up and join again.   Grrrr!!!!   It's sat in the same place for 2 days now without any work being done on it.  Maybe yet this evening I'll start over.

The pattern I'm knitting is the Bluet Cowl and the picture is beautiful - so here goes nothing.   Wish me luck.

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