Thursday, September 4, 2014


After another try on the Bluet Cowl for the KAL, I gave up very frustrated.  Sometimes there are just things that don't work and this was one of them.  The yarn will be nice to knit any number of other items.  Knitting is supposed to fun and relaxing and this cowl was anything but that.

So..........I looked through my projects for something easier to work on and selected a pair of fingerless mitts:  Cafe au Lait Mitts by Paula McKeever.   

I've already knit the first 5 rows of ribbing and it's going along so smoothly and rapidly, making my frustrations go away.   If the rest of the pattern goes just as well, I'll probably knit more than one pair of these - with Christmas coming up, mitts work well for grandchildren who live up north!!

Do you ever feel there are certain patterns you just can't seem to connect with and get frustrated trying?

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