Saturday, July 26, 2014


So that's not so much an unusual headline - "hot weather in Arizona", but it's getting a little carried away.   The 110+ numbers have been going on for a few days now and enough is enough.  Today it hit 115 (humidity in the 10-15% range).   We ran some errands up in the Phoenix area this morning and have spent this afternoon in the house with the a/c working hard.   We're currently getting late afternoon/evening duststorms/thunder/lightning and a little rain.  Its rained "buckets" but lasts only 5-10 minutes.

The one good thing about the heat is I don't feel guilty staying inside and doing some knitting.

I'm working on one more dishcloth (I know I said I wasn't going to knit anymore), but I just couldn't resist this pattern with more lace around the points.  I'm calling it "creamsicle" after the orange sherbet/vanilla ice cream frozen on a stick Popsicle back in the day!

I also started a new shawl - Miami Beach Shawl.  This means I now have 4 unfinished shawls.  Hopefully this one will be a "completed" one.     I've really got a case of "startitis". This shawl is being knit with Cascade Ultra Pima - a very soft cotton yarn.  The yarn color is "purple ice", but it looks kinda gray in this picture.  It will be perfect to wear in "over" air conditioned restaurants, etc.   I knitted on this last night at our Thursday night knit/crochet group and was amazed how fast it is going and I'm not making counting mistakes.  This is coming right along and so far it's a pretty easy knit:
Hope you're keeping cool and getting lots of knitting done.

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