Monday, December 5, 2011


It's time (actually past time) for an update on what's been happening around my house.

I've actually slowed down and am "enjoying the reason for the Season" this year. In the past I have overworked myself into a frenzy trying to get "everything" done. This year I'm just taking it easy and if it doesn't get done - it doesn't get done. So there!

I just finished the first of the Augusta Mitts. Don't know if I like them so long, but they're a Christmas gift for granddaughter and hope she likes them this length. I love the mock cable pattern - so easy to do!

DH and I spent the afternoon yesterday at our youngest g-daughter's gymnastics meet in Bellevue. This was the state tournament and she did quite well. Fun watching her, but 3-4 hours on gym bleacher seats got old real fast.

During our Thanksgiving Dinner we got a phone call from our oldest g-daughter and found out we are going to become g-grandparents next summer!!! Wonderful news, and what's a knitter to do?? Go buy yarn, of course, so this is for a Moving Mountains-baby-blanket which I'll be starting shortly. This picture is of the yarn I'll be using - Berroco Vintage.

Then while I was at it, I just "had to have" this yummy Alpaca/Merino for a Origami Falls Cowl.

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  1. Love your mitts Darlene... they're gorgeous. Congrats on becoming a Great Grandmother too :)