Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Winter Is On It's Way

We've had some morning temperatures in the high 20's, so guess there's no doubt about winter being early this year. I'm never ready for it, but guess I have no choice. At least it's a good time to cuddle up with my knitting or other crafts.

Actually this is what my craft table looks like in my office at the moment. I'm making some sets of knitting stitch markers. I've not done any beading for a year or so, thus it's nice to get back to doing some. Of course, I get sidetracked when I see some of the beads I have (in my stash!!!) that would make a beautiful pendant or other type of necklace so it's hard to keep on track with the stitch markers.
And, this is what I'm making. Going for a total of 15 sets - only 13 to go!!!
I've also worked some on my Alivia shawl, but it's in time out right now. I've knit this one particular row 3 or 4 times now and can't get the count right. But, I'm still loving the pattern and the yarn - at this rate it'll be a "Spring" shawl.
Went to the podiatrist this morning and got some new orthotics at a horrendous price and insurance doesn't cover them. But after only wearing them for an hour or two, my knees already feel better - so maybe I should have gone six months ago!!! I'm bad about putting off doctor appointments.

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  1. Look at you go with your beading and lace! Lovely!