Wednesday, May 5, 2010

TECHNOLOGY *:+((t^u%e$#w

Sometimes one wonders why computers have to give you such fits. First of all, I decided it was time to upgrade my MS Word from 2003 version to the 2007 version. Amazon is running a "deal" where if you bought the 2007 v. now at a $50 or more discount, then when the 2010 v. comes out this Fall, you can upgrade to that version free. Soooo, I ordered and installed it, and unbeknown to me (because I didn't read everything!!!) it did not include Microsoft Outlook, which I've used for probably 20 years for my e-mail, contacts and appointments.

To make a long story shorter, when installing the 2007 Word, it had to delete my old Outlook software. I shed a tear or two when I thought of all my contacts, etc. going bye-bye. Soooo, I ordered the 2007 version of Microsoft Outlook, again at a very discounted price with the ability to upgrade this fall to the 2010 v. for free. In the meantime, waiting for this from Amazon, I used Windows Mail for my e-mail program. Today, I received the Outlook CD, installed and imported the e-mails from Windows Mail, and everything is now "hunky dory". Can't believe all transferred and all my contacts, etc. are now imported and installed - breathing one big sigh of relief. Now I'm petting and saying "niiiiiiiccce computer".

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