Thursday, May 13, 2010


Here are a few more pictures taken yesterday in my "Stroll Down the Garden Path". Hope I'm not boring you with these pictures of my blooming yard - but I'm just loving all the colors this Spring. Must have done something right to them, as they are producing well.

This is my first Clematis blossom this year. I can't remember them blooming in early May before.

This is my window box at our garage window - the pansies are doing spectacularly right now. I guess it's because of all the rain, cool and now gentle sun that's making them beautiful.

This hanging planter was made for me by a friend's husband for Mothers Day. It also is doing very well in the blooming department.

Below is a beautiful dwarf-size rhododendron loaded with white blossoms. The top got a little frosted in the cold weather, but sure has been pretty.

Next are a couple of "unknown names", but very pretty. This will be the last post of flowers, until something else spectacular comes along.

And since this is a knitting blog - I'll just report I've kinda lost my knitting mojo, and haven't picked up the needles for nearly a week now. I must get back to it, and know I will on Saturday at our local meet-up with other knitters.

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