Sunday, July 5, 2009

Travel East then West

Well, now that the 4th is over with, all the noise quieted down, I'm playing lazy today catching up on reading my favorite blogs, watering the flower pots all around the house and other non-energy things.

Hubby and I went to Richland on the "other" side of the Cascades early Friday morning and came home last night (Saturday). Our daughter and family from Pittsburgh had spent the week househunting so we went over to help out watch the kids and spend time with the whole family. We had a wonderful visit with them - they found a house and will be moving west in about 6 weeks. We can hardly wait to have them reasonably close by (just around 4-1/2 hours away!). We didn't do much watching of the kids, except for a couple of hours around the pool yesterday. We did go out to Anthony's for dinner Friday night to celebrate their getting the house they wanted. They sold their house in Pittsburgh before it went on the market, so all in all, things are flying high for them.

As we were driving along I-90, I was thinking about the difference between eastern and western Washington. We lived in Spokane for 20 years, so are familiar with that side of the state, but it's a shocker during the summer time. No green to be seen anywhere as verified by this photo below. The temperatures were 101 Friday and 104 on the 4th!!! Now that's hot, but humidity was probably only around 15%, so easier to handle (so they say).
Coming home last evening, we traveled over White Pass, near Mt. Rainier and along the White River. Now this photo will show you why we live on "this" side. Really miss the trees and all the water everywhere.

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