Monday, May 11, 2009

Mothers Day

Hope you all had a nice Mothers Day both weatherwise and family/friend wise. I did. My daughter, son-in-law, and 2 gdaughters came to our house. I fixed a picnic ham (just boil it in water for a couple hours), and made a jello salad with chopped-up apples, oranges and bananas - the young ones really like this. My daughter brought the family recipe of cheesy broccoli casserole, which we seem to make for larger family get-togethers. Too large for our just hubby and I. We also had some wonderful ciabatta bread.

After dinner, daughter and I went to Michaels and Pacific Fabrics and shopped, while the guys and kids cleaned up the kitchen, which was nice. When we got back home, we had lemon cake I had made and some ice cream. All-in-all, a wonderful day! Didn't get any knitting done, but have worked today on some of the baby sweater. Yesterday was beautifully sunny, today started out that way, then heavy spring rain, now back to sun.

Last Saturday I went to the youngest gdaughter's gymnastics meet in Maple Valley. She's 6yrs old and a pretty good gymnast. Was fun watching. Here's a picture of them warming up.

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