Thursday, May 7, 2009

'Been A While

Kinda lost my "mojo" there for a while - wasn't knitting anything, and words were not coming to my blank mind.

But today I have a couple of pictures to show: The finished spa set of 2 towels, 2 faceloths and some pretty Dancing Waters fragrance mist from Bath & Body Works. The cloths and towels are the 3-Diamond pattern and turned out beautiful.

I've started a baby sweater Pink Tweed for Baby by Lorna Miser on Ravelry. Our monthly KAL group at Pacific Fabrics is working on this project for the month of May. I don't have a baby in mind as of yet, but if one doesn't come up by the time I'm finished, it will go to a charity.

Also working a little on the beautiful lace scarf, TAIZE (on Ravelry). At the rate I'm going on this scarf, I'll still be working on it next year. It is fun to work on, but is my first lace project and it sure needs to be done in a quiet place with lots of light!

Other than that, my DH's chemo treatments are working - Yeah! Less time is being spent in doctor's offices, but still have to stay away from the public until his immune system builds back up. Our Daughter and family are coming Sunday for Mother's Day - glad to get my Grandma fix.

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