Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sunday - Catch Up Time

After getting home from church today, I ran out to Jo-Ann's to buy stuff for two theme baskets I am making for our upcoming church bazaar. Have to have them all done by this weekend (nothing like waiting until the last minute). One of them will be a "spa" basket and one a "kitchen" basket. I'll load pictures when they're completed. Have been working on knitting the 3-Diamond face cloths and towels for the spa basket. Also have my "LaLa's Simple Shawl" waiting for some knitting fingers to finish it up. I'm taking a "No Seam Sweater" class at Pacific Fabrics in a week. Looks like we're making a toddler size, and I'm so looking forward to it. I'll be attending the first class, then the 2nd and last class will be after we return from Pittsburgh visiting our kids and grandkids. Though I'm retired, I don't understand where my time goes. I was trying to squeeze in 9 holes of golf next week, but no can do, and with the weather here in the Pacific Northwest, maybe our ladies group won't get to play until next Spring. I'm not like my husband - he golfs year around - rain, cold, whatever doesn't stop him and his group. Well, I've rambled enough and need to get to knitting.

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