Monday, August 17, 2015

I'm about to finish the Palette Shawl that I've been knitting on for several months now.   As soon as I run out of the blue yarn I'll call it quits as I think it will be long enough.   It's a trapezoid shape, so kinda hard to hold up and try on with the needles still in it to check out the length.  The lighter colors of yarn are Cascade Eco Duo and are wonderful to work with.   They are somewhat "thick and thin", kinda homespun-like.  

I wanted to show you a picture, but since I uploaded Windows 10 last week, I can't download photos from Adobe Photoshop Elements to this blog.  I am getting a little window from Adobe saying things don't work properly unless I have Internet Explorer loaded on my computer.  Windows 10 uses Edge - so I guess I have to do some computer work here.    I think I'll just go back to my Windows 7 - I liked it just fine and Windows 10 doesn't seem a whole lot different, except for the fact that some of my programs have not been updated to handle Windows 10.  I understand you can get a free upgrade to Windows 10 for a whole year - so I may just download it again later!

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