Wednesday, April 29, 2015


I've been looking at "adult coloring books for some time now and finally broke down and ordered one from Amazon.  Also ordered a set of Staedtler colored pens.    Today I took the colorbook into Staples and had them cut the binding and put on a spiral binding so that the book cover lays flat, and also enables me to make a copy of a page (should I decide to do so).

This is the front cover of the coloring book:
The picture I started with yesterday is a very simple one and I'm really enjoying it.  There are already a mistake or two in it - but, oh well, I'm just a beginner.
 This below page will be for whenever I build up my skills.
For those who would like a relaxing therapy project (after some serious knitting), this is a fun thing to have at hand to work on for a little while!!

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