Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Finished this all seed-stitch dishcloth.   Because it's seed stitch it was very slow going, then add in the fact it is two-color.   I went down a needle size, and should have cast on less stitches.   It ended up being rather large, and I didn't even go until it was square because it would have been more like a towel than a dishcloth.  Lesson learned, and this is one I will keep for myself.   I do like the looks of the two color seed stitch and may make another one some time in the future (not for a while)!!

Now I'll get back to finishing up the Forza Scarf, although we'll be visiting some friends tomorrow, then will have family here for a few days over the weekend, so probably only a little knitting.  

Temperatures are going to hit the low 80's in the next few days!!

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