Thursday, January 29, 2015


Where I am on the Forza scarf:

The color in this picture is not correct.  The yarn is actually much greener in color.  I'll try to take one outside tomorrow to show the correct color.

The scarf is knit in two halves then the kitchener stitch is used to put them together in the back of the neck.  This half has turned out much shorter than I want, so I'll pick up the stitches that are on a waste yarn right now and add some more rows.   I semi-blocked this half out so I could see how much it would grow in length, but it didn't grow that much.

What do you have "on-the-needle" at the moment.   I figure I'll be getting in a lot of knitting time this weekend with all the Superbowl things going on.   Glad I don't have to be downtown Phoenix with all the hundreds of thousands of people.

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