Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Well, I have managed to finish a couple of projects this week:

First and foremost, the Happy Dance Socks, which make me happy they're done!!  These have been fun to knit - the colors keep me "happy", but am glad that 2nd one is done. I'll probably gift these at Christmas to someone who lives up North where they have cold winters. 

A friend in my knitting group posted a pattern for The Almost Lost Dishcloth or search for it on Ravelry if you're a member.  It looked like a fun knit, so I knit up the first one, but my choice of yarn wasn't too great.   The "striped" yarn didn't turn out too well on the points, so I'm working on the second one, in a "firey" variegated color which is turning out so much better.  These are fun knits and will make nice "thank you" gifts:

We've had some extreme weather ever since the 4th of July - it's our monsoon season, so should be expected.  However, last summer's monsoon season was nothing like what we're having.   After having our humidity hovering in the single digits up to 15% or so for so long, it's difficult to navigate in these 100+ degree temperatures with the humidity in the 40-50% area.   We're having clouds, thunderstorms, lightning and quick shots of heavy rain every afternoon/evening.  I'll be glad when we get back to just plain "hot" without the humidity!!  Last evening we got one rainfall that lasted maybe 10 minutes and another that lasted maybe 5 minutes, but the thunder rumbled heavily for hours around midnight.

Happy knitting, or whatever your craft may be!


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