Monday, February 4, 2013


Well, I accidentally deleted the first version of this post, so that's not a good start.  I'll see how much I remember of what I said.

Yes, love month is here!   I love February for several reasons:  I get to make Valentines to send to my grandkids and others; my brother and son-in-law both have birthdays this month and I get to pick out funny (age-wise) cards for them.  Of course, they send the same kind back to me since my birthday is also this month.

The Arizona weather has been beautiful the past week or so - in the 70's - can't get any better than that!   In my last post I discussed the cold weather we had - down to as low as 18 degrees.   Even though we covered everything: citrus trees and plants, (see photos in last post), our yard now is filled with dead-looking trees and plants.   This is a photo of our lemon tree:
Our landscaper stopped by today and advised us to do nothing for a least two weeks before trimming off the dead ends of all these limbs.   He said the lower part of the trees are still alive, but they're sure ugly right now.   I supposed we won't be getting any lemons, limes or oranges this year....sadly.

I finished my Align mitts.   They're so soft (mostly alpaca) and will gifted to someone in the family as they wouldn't get much use around here.   I've already cast on to make a cowl next.  I knit every day while waiting for hubby to get his radiation treatment, then sit outside the front of our house in the sun for an hour or so (until I get too hot).

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