Friday, January 11, 2013


Time to blog again to let you know what's going on around here.

First off, let me show you this beautiful sunset taken from my front yard (in Arizona) just two evenings ago.  That's one thing we've noticed - the sunsets are much more colorful here than back in Washington state.  There was some wind blowing and the forecasters were predicting 40% chance of rain - but nothing ever happened.   It is turning cold for the next 4 days - by cold I mean highs in the 50's, but low in the low 20's, so we had to cover our citrus trees, and half a dozen other plants around the yard.   Hope they don't freeze!

Next I wanted to let you see my Mal Hand Thingies.  I'm loving the pattern, but the yarn I'm using (Stonehedge Fiber Mill Shepherds Wool Worsted) is not real stretchy, so they're turning out too small for me to wear.  I can get them on, but it stretches the "slip-stitch" design out too much.  But...I have 3 granddaughters out there that would love to have them, so no problem.

I've knitted a few rows of the 2nd mitt, and am looking forward to finishing so I can knit these Ghislaine mitts next from yarn I have in my stash.

Some days I get a lot of knitting time and others not.   Hubby is currently going to physical therapy a couple times a week to ease the pain in his hip.  He's trying to put off hip replacement.   Then in the next week or so, he'll start radiation treatments for prostate cancer (45 treatments = 5 days a week/9 weeks).  It'll be a long drive (60 miles round trip) - so knitting time should be plentiful.  Lots of stress in my life right now, worrying about him, and having the son of our best friends pass away from the same cancer this week.  I'm counting on knitting to help me along.  I've never had a massage and am thinking maybe now is the time!

Hug your loved ones!

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