Saturday, July 7, 2012


We'll be moving away from Washington state on August 3rd, for Arizona.  We made the decision we were tired of the gray, rainy days and wanted some sunshine to be able to enjoy the outdoors.   It's going to be hard to leave our friends and family, and it's even harder packing things up.   This is what my craft drawers/boxes, etc. look like - waiting to be put into the boxes on the right.   One thing good - I go to bed tired every night so am sleeping real well.  I've already been checking online to see where there will be some LYSs in the area, even though knitting will probably be put on hold once we get unloaded on the other end.   We do have to put our furniture in storage until our new house is ready for us to move in - which could be anywhere from 2 to 10 days.  So I'll be able to knit on the 4-day drive there, as well as some days in a hotel room.   It's been fun picking out what we want in our new home, so am anxious to see what it turns out like.

This is what an "in progress craft pack" looks like!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Looks like you're ready to load up the moving van!

  2. Yep, getting terribly close - only 2 weeks from today to load up!! Kinda scary and hopefully everything gets done. We spent Monday & Tuesday this week in Spokane seeing, holding, snuggling over our first great-grandson. Was hard to leave him. Look forward to talking to you one of these days soon to arrange a "knit-meet-up"!!