Thursday, March 1, 2012


Hubby and I got away for three days in Grand Ronde, Oregon. We had a beautiful hotel room with lots of amenities to spoil me rotten. We had lots of good food, casino playing, resting/knitting time and travel time. One day we drove 25 miles to Lincoln City on the Coast. Talk about weather - wind like we haven't seen in awhile - it was predicted at 65mph - but don't know if that is what it actually was. I know it was too windy to get out and walk on the beach. It was blowing so hard, people were having trouble walking in it. Below is a picture of the turbulent ocean waves. The waves were breaking way out and were very high. You can tell by the color of the sky and water what a stormy day it was - but oh so fun to sit in the car, eating our Subway sandwich. I was able to lean my arms on a fence to steady the camera long enough for a picture. We left from the water view and went to an Outlet Mall in Lincoln City, leaving quite a few bucks there. Most of the damage was done at the Coach store, Eddie Bauer and VanHeusen. Hubby "made" me buy this beautiful graphite color Coach bag. I've not had a satisfactory purse to carry since my last Coach finally gave out, so I'm one happy lady! He bought some things he has been wanting also, so we did well for each other. His birthday is coming up, so he was able to purchase his own birthday gift.While on this trip we experienced crazy, violent weather at times: snow on the roads, high winds, heavy rains, and sunshine - sometimes all at the same time!!! Nice to get home and settle back into the routine. I got quite a lot knit on the baby blanket (in prior posts) - so I'm confident it will be done long before this new great-grandbaby appears.

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