Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Days at the Beach

View from our room. Sorry for the blur.
We were gone Monday and Tuesday of this week to Ocean Shores, Washington. We left town with another couple because the streets in our Park were going to be receiving a seal coat and we wouldn't be able to get out. However, rain sprinkles postponed the sealing job. We had a great time, good meals, sunny weather in the high 60's, and no wind. Took along my knitting but never had time to pick it up. Our friend's van got stuck in the sand on the beach, and it was amazing the number of Good Samaritans who showed up to help us out. Eventually a jeep with a winch pulled us it. Our hotel rooms included a small balcony, french doors out to it, and a couch, table and chairs. We played Pegs and Joker last night until late, late.

Headed home around mid-day and got lost several times as we were checking out new ways to come back - but all-in-all we had a great time.

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