Sunday, June 19, 2011


Our daughter and her 2 daughters came to spend the day with their father and grandfather. We had a nice dinner (BBQ'd by hubby/Dad) and had a real good visit with all. Missed having her hubby along with them, but he's out of town. Also didn't get to see the daughter who lives a little farther away and their kids. Thank God for grandchildren - they are the best. We did get a phone call from this other daughter and talked a while to the kids.

I'm getting a little farther along on my sock (first time knitting with dpn's). I'd like to have an inch or two more completed before my next class on Tuesday, when we'll be learning how to do the "heel turn". I'm not going to make the socks very high up the calf. I'm getting the hang of knitting with 5 needles now, but still not sure if I like magic loop better. We'll see when this sock is completed.

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