Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Winding Down 2009

Well, we've been busy around here today taking down the Christmas decorations. Got it all done and now I'm drinking one of those hot mochas I'm so fond of and reading my Ravelry forums. They're made with the powdered mocha mix and 1 oz (or more!) of Baileys.

Above is what I received from my wonderful hubby for our 47th wedding anniversary tomorrow, Dec. 30th! He searched the internet and found out that #47 is the Book year, then of course, with a little coaching from me, ordered these two books from Amazon. They came this morning, and right away I took them to Staples to have them cut and bound with a nice spiral. Tonight I'm going to spend going page-by-page through them. Tomorrow night we'll celebrate by going out to dinner.

I've signed up to do the Knitting Mama Lace KAL beginning mid-January. Don't know why - I have so many projects I want to do. But I've already ordered my yarn - fingering weight Knitting Mama Franconia - a beautiful superwash merino, cashmere & nylon combo (80/10/10) in pinky-purpley-mauve, to make the Traveling Woman shawl (a one skein pattern).

Our 2 daughters and sons-in-law are going out New Years Eve, so we're babysitting the 4 grandkids. That'll be easy - they're age 7 to 12 and with all the new games and toys they got for Christmas, they'll hardly know we're around.

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