Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Just 10 Days Away (Soon to be 9)

Time to start panicking, stressing, cursing (gently) and all that other stuff, and more activities keep "coming up".
1. Trying to finish up one last scarf for a grandchild so I can get it sent off in the mail this week.
2. Several women from our church visited the Dollar Store today and purchased stocking stuffer items for 19 childen, grandchildren and great-grandchildren who will be attending church this Sunday. The bags turned out pretty cute!
3. Friday night we participate in a community feed for the homeless, so I have to make a macroni & shrimp salad and a meatloaf. We do this every other month and it does humble one, and thank God for our many blessings.
Above: Graham knitting meet-up group!
4. Saturday morning there is a brunch at the clubhouse in our community and my regular knit meet-up group (both starting at 10:00am). Husband wants to go to the brunch, but is not interested in going without me - so guess I'll go to the brunch, eat fast and take off to the knitting meetup! What we won't do for our loved ones. Then that evening we're playing Couples Bunco, for which I have to bring appetizers.
5. Got my photo Christmas cards from Costco, but have to put a message on the back yet, as well as do the cards for friends who aren't getting the photo cards. Way behind on this project.
6. Need to go to Fred Meyer and purchase three giftcards for persons in our church who are struggling this Christmas. I'm the treasurer for our women's group who are doing this, so since I have the checkbook, I get to do the purchasing.
7. Okay - I need to get off this computer and get to work!!!

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