Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Sometimes everything just seems to be going right - and this past week or so that's how it's been. Here's my list of "good" things.
1. Our #1 daughter and family have arrived at their new home in eastern Washington so now we'll get to see those grandkids more often.
2. Husband has gained most of his strength back from his bout with cancer and is back to his favorite thing: golf. Even mowing and trimming the front and back lawns without stopping.
3. Our Graham Knitting Meet-up Group had 12 people last Saturday and did we ever have a blast. We're adding two nightly meet-ups, as well as the every other Saturday afternoon.
4. I'm "moving right along" on the Mantra scarf. Up to 26" long now and will go until I run out of yarn - hopefully around 60". See picture above.
5. Went to my first horse race last Sunday with our #2 daughter and family. Big crowd, but kinda addictive and had fun. (picture below)

6. Having wonderful weather - another heat spell going on this week (90+ today), then will cool back into the mid-70's with no rain. Garden is looking good!

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